This page was updated on May 8, 2020

Do I need a water licence?

The type of activities that need a water licence are outlined in Schedules 2 and Schedules 5-10 of the Waters Regulation. Some of the variables that determine whether a water licence is required include:

If you have further questions, our staff at the Water Board Secretariat, in cooperation with our colleagues from Energy, Mines & Resources, Compliance Monitoring and Inspections and Department of Environment, Environmental Protection & Assessment, will be happy to assist with any required clarification.

What if I need the water before the application has been approved by the Board?

Currently, there is no provision for interim licensing. However, some portions of a project may fall under the Schedule 3 notification of water use without a licence.

To find out more about licensing requirement please contact:

Can I use water or deposit a waste without a licence?

A person may use water or deposit waste without a licence if the proposed use or deposit of waste:

Anyone who wants to use water or deposit waste without a licence must fill out a Schedule 3 form and provide a map, at least ten days before starting work.

A Schedule 3 notice only applies to Industrial, Placer mining and Quartz mining undertakings. For further information please read the Schedule 3 Guidelines and/or contact the Yukon Water Board Secretariat.