This page was last updated on June 16, 2015

Application Process

What happens to my application after I submit it?

The Water Board Secretariat is a public office committed to transparency and encourages participation in the water licensing process. The Secretariat has launched an online registry, Waterline, which will assist in finding licence information.

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There are five phases that all applications are processed through. The processes followed for a minor amendment up to a very large scale new project are very similar in nature, and only deviate if there is a requirement or determination to hold a public hearing. Applications will be processed as follows:

Application Phases Description
Application Submission
  • An application including, but not limited to, a Schedule 4, an application form and a Fuel Spill Contingency Plan are to be submitted to the Secretariat. If any part is missing, your application will be considered incomplete.
    Full list of forms
  • Review for Adequacy
  • Once an application is submitted it is checked for completeness, consistency and to ensure it contains all the information outlined in the Water Regulation and/or additional information required by the Board. You may be required to provide additional information and/or clarification.
  • Public Comment
  • Once the Licensing Officer has received all necessary information, including the YESAA decision document and the signed Project Confirmation form to confirm that the project has not changed during the YESAA assessment, the public review process will begin.

  • An advertisement, including the deadline for comment, will be placed in the local newspapers and posted on Waterline. All interventions due by 4:00 pm on deadline date.

  • Comments and responses to those comments will be included in the public registry.
  • Public Hearing
  • A public hearing may be requested for either Type A or B applications. Under the Waters Act,Type A applications are required to go to public hearing unless the Board deems that it is not in the publics interest and the applicant agrees.
  • Board Review
  • The application will be presented to the Board by a Licensing Officer. The Board has the right to request further information from an applicant at this time.
  • Reporting
  • Once a decision is made the decision documents will be distributed to the applicant and placed on Waterline.

  • Reports as per the reporting section of the Water Licence will be submitted by the licensee.
  • For further information please contact the Yukon Water Board office. top