This page was updated on: June 16, 2015

Have Your Say - Public Comment

A key part of the water licensing process is to seek public input on applications for water use and waste deposit in Yukon. The Yukon Water Board relies upon information from and the expertise of members of the public.

How do I become involved or take part in this process?

All water applications received by the YWB Secretariat are advertised for public comment on Waterline. A public notice also appears in the Yukon News and Whitehorse Star. Each public notice contains the application number, location, the applicant’s name and the deadline date to submit your comment.

On Waterline, to see all the applications that are in public comment please sign in and click the comment button in the menu bar.

Waterline Tool Bar

How do I submit a comment?

Comments can be uploaded to Waterline, faxed to 867-456-3890, or submitted in person to the Yukon Water Board Office. To receive full attention by the Board, all comments about a proposed water licence application must be received by 4:00 pm on the established public comment deadline date. Those received after the deadline may be considered for inclusion at the discretion of the Board.

Waterline Help Sheet

What information should I include?

Comments should state your position on the particular project. Please provide:

Provide a copy to the applicant and state on your submission that you have done this.

What will happen with my comment?

All comments provided to the Yukon Water Board on water licence applications form part of the public registers. Comments will be placed on the paper register and will also appear on Waterline. All interested and concerned parties will be able to view your comments. Applicants have an opportunity to respond to all comments before an application is considered by the Board.

What do I do if I need more time to prepare my comment?

The Secretariat staff will consider extensions to public comment deadlines, by written request. Include a strong reason to extend the deadline.

Can I request a public hearing?

Yes, you can request a public hearing. You will need to state this in your written comment provided to the Board. Please state your position on why you feel a hearing is necessary.